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Anxiety Sometimes nerves and worry can be a normal part of everyday life. When these worries start to interfere with enjoying and thriving it is time to take control. I have found that CBT worksheets and therapy work best for anxiety and often have the quickest success. Lets tackle your anxiety so you can function clearer and happier.

Depression Sadness that isn’t going away and hindering your ability to enjoy life can feel like carrying a heavy boulder around all day. We can talk about what is causing the depression and ways to pull yourself out of it so you can enjoy the things you used to again.

Women (Teens/Young Adults/College)  I specialize in treating women and take into consideration their unique needs and relationships.

Infertility/Miscarriage/Pregnancy Support Starting a family is a dream for millions that may not be working out the way you had planned. I have worked with and am sensitive to the needs of those undergoing fertility treatments, who have experienced loss and those currently carrying a pregnancy.

Parenting Parenting is hard work! Wether this is your first child or tenth the strain of being a super parent has its own unique challenges. Lets discuss whats working, whats not and styles and techniques you haven’t tried yet.

Self Esteem It is often said that you can’t love others until you love yourself. If you aren’t happy with who you are on any level or wish to get to know yourself better lets dive into that. There are beautiful qualities about you that may need to be discovered. Wherever you go…there you are. Lets get you happy with that person!

College Adjustment Being away from parents for the first time is a huge transition. Even if you are commuting college students have their own concerns and stresses. Homework, a social life, working, and campus life. Lets talk about how the transition is going for you.